Applied Geometric Algebra in Computer Science and Engineering 2015

Picture of Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain
July 29-31, 2015

Plenary Invited Lectures

Fifty Years with Geometric Algebra: a retrospective
(David Hestenes) [Keynote Lecture]

The Odyssey of hypercomplex numbers
(Pierre Angl├Ęs) [Summary]

Geometric Algebra for Cybernetics
(Eduardo Bayro-Corrochano) [Summary]

Projective Transformations as Versors
(Leo Dorst) [Summary]

Fourier Transformations in Conformal Geometric Algebra
(Eckhard Hitzer) [Summary]

Geometric Algebra as a unifying language for Physics & Engineering
and its use in the study of Gravity

(Anthony Lasenby) [Summary]

Concept of the Lie Derivative of Spinor Fields. A Geometric Motivated Approach
(Waldyr A. Rodrigues, Jr.) [Summary]

MATLAB toolbox for Clifford Algebras
(Steve Sangwine) [Summary]