Applied Geometric Algebra in Computer Science and Engineering 2015

Picture of Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain
July 29-31, 2015

Travel information

Arrival from Barcelona Airport

There is a bus service, the Aerobus, that leaves the airport approximately every 5-10 minutes, depending on the time. After 25 min. the bus arrives at Plaça Espanya (the first stop in the city). The ticket costs 5.90€ and it can only be purchased on the bus.

Another bus line (46) goes from the Airport to Plaça Espanya every half an hour, and a single ticket costs 2,15€. 

There is also a train service every half an hour from the airport's T2 terminal to RENFE Barcelona Sants railway station.

A taxi from the airport should take less than half an hour, and it costs about 40 €.

Either in Plaça Espanya or in Barcelona Sants railway station you have to change for the Metro green line (L3) to Palau Reial (direction Zona Universitaria). The conference room is located at the campus Nord of the UPC.

Arrival by train

By train you will arrive in Barcelona at Sants central railway station, which is connected to the green and blue Metro lines (L3 and L5) .

Arrival by ship

By ship you will arrive at Barcelona harbour, where you can take the Metro green line (L3) at Drassanes station to Palau Reial (direction Zona Universitaria). Ship travel by ferry is beatiful and it is recommended when coming from Marsella or Italy.

Arrival by car

By car people usually arrives in Barcelona through the AP-7 highway. To enter into Barcelona city you must exit the AP-7 direction Barcelona/Ronda de Dalt and then take the exit number 10 (Pedralbes, Avda. Pearson, carretera d'Esplugues, campus nord UPC).  

Moving in Barcelona

Barcelona and its metropolitan area have been divided into several zones for metropolitan transport fees. The ticket fee depends on the number of zones you cross. If you move inside the same zone you pay for the cheapest fee. The whole city of Barcelona is included in the same zone as well as the whole metro network. The most popular travel ticket is the T-1 card which provides you with 10 travels for 1 zone using any metropolitan transport (bus, metro, suburban train, tram, Aerobus not included). The organization will supply  a T-1 card to each participant. With the T-1 card you can move freely in Barcelona, including validation for change of transport within a limited time, and you can also get to the airport by any of the above-listed metropolitan transports. If you wish to exit Barcelona, for instance to Sant Cugat, since you then cross a zone the fee is more expensive (for 2 zones), and T-1 is no longer a valid transport ticket.

Departing from Barcelona

If you depart by train, please go to Estació de Sants (green L3 and blue L5 Metro lines).

If you depart by ferry from the harbour, please go to Drassanes (green L3 Metro line).

Departure to Barcelona Airport

The points where you can take the transport for the airport are Plaça Catalunya, Plaça Espanya or Estació de Sants. In Plaça Catalunya (red L1 and green L3 Metro lines) you can take either the Aerobus or the suburban train  (only to the T2 terminal). At Sants (green L3 and blue L5 Metro lines), you can take the suburban train to the T2 terminal, and in Plaça Espanya (red L1 and green L3 Metro lines) you can take the Aerobus.

Warning: Before you go to the airport you must know which terminal your flight will arrive at to take the suitable Aerobus line A1 or A2. The terminals T1 and T2 are far away from each other. If you go to the wrong terminal, the time you will spend to get to the other terminal could make you be late or lose your flight. Please, check the terminal of your flight on the official website of AENA before departing. If you go to the T1 terminal, please take into account that the suburban train (R2 line) only goes to the T2 terminal and you will need supplementary time to take the connection bus between both terminals.