Applied Geometric Algebra in Computer Science and Engineering 2015

Picture of Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain
July 29-31, 2015

Industrial Connections


The AGACSE 2015 Conference to be held in Barcelona is committed to improve the communication between the research community and industry, with the objective of shortening the gap between both communities. The aim is thus to use AGACSE 2015 as a joint forum for both academic and industry research communities, so that it serves as a platform for mutual interaction. Companies are thus encouraged to present and discuss their systems, software, products, based on geometric algebra, as well as to express their needs and unsolved problems which could be solved by means of geometric algebra. The progress of modern industries is linked to research and innovation, and in this line it is an oportunity for all to harness the power of geometric algebra to model systems and drive useful algorithms.


How to participate


The participation of industry and business partners is planned in different ways:

  • Presentation at the conference. In this case, an abstract of up to two pages based on the presentation will be included and published in the program of the conference.

  • Demo and product exhibition using a stand.

  • Discussion panel. There will be a discussion panel centered on the opportunities offered by industries and businesses to researchers in geometric algebra applications.

The corporations can register to the AGACSE 2015 Conference with a fee of 800€ (see Registration for details), which gives right to two staff of the company to participate in all events, to make a presentation to the participants of the conference on their systems and processes, and to formulate their unsolved industrial problems. The corporation can also have a stand in the conference. An specific time-table will be given to the participants for the activities organized in the stand. The companies are only required their activities or presentations be linked to geometrical problems or geometric algebra. Please send an e-mail to the Chair of the organizing committee if you wish to ascertain whether your contribution would meet those requirements. Please attach the following information:

  • Contact information.
  • In which way you would like to participate.
  • A short description of your proposed activity.