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The design of this web is adapted from Santaló-2015, created by IMUS.

General description

The 17th Lluís Santaló Research Summer School will take place from Monday 22 to Friday 26 in August 2016, and its central topics will be Geometric Algebra and Geometric Calculus and its applications to Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science and Engineering. The teachers are researchers of the highest level, at the forefront of current research, who will impart a joint total of twenty one-hour lectures. These lectures will provide a rather comprehensive overview of the most active current research topics in this area. Each day, there will be a one-hour extra joint session with the teachers for questions and advice on research topics.

Geometric Algebra is a derivative of Clifford Algebra and in its modern form owes much to the sustained pioneering works of David Hestenes, particularly those in mathematical physics. Among its advantages, we count the strong connection with geometric intuition and thinking, its ability to integrate meaningfully many mathematical disciplines, and its profound impact in many scientific and engineering fields. The school is a good preparation for undertaking research with a well-honed set of tools.


School Venue

El Real Palacio de La Magdalena está situado en la península de la Magdalena, frente a la isla de Mouro, en Santander (España), y fue construido entre 1909 y 1911, por suscripción popular, para albergar a la familia real española.