Juanjo Rué Perna

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U. Politècnica de Catalunya
Dep. of Mathematics
Centre de Recerca Matemàtica

e-mail:  juan.jose.rue x upc.edu

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I am an Associate Professor ('Professor Agregat') at the Department of Mathematics of UPC Barcelona and Associate Chair of the School of Mathematics at UPC.

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Javier Cilleruelo, in memoriam 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
PhD students

Clément Requilé (FU Berlin): PhD defended the 6th November 2017. Title of the thesis: Asymptotic study of regular planar graphs.

Christoph Spiegel (joint with Oriol Serra UPC). PhD defended the 3rd July 2020. Title of the thesis: Additive structures and Randomness in Combinatorics.

Vasiliki Velona (joint with Gabor Lugosi UPF). PhD defended the 17th September 2021. Title of the thesis: A study on structure recovery and the broadcasting problem

Maximilian Wötzel (joint with Oriol Serra UPC)

Academic information

I did my undergraduate degree on pure mathematics at FME. At the same time, I obtained my degree on telecommunication engineering at the ETSETB, under an intensive program offered by CFIS. During this period, I started studying pure physics at UNED, and I hope to finish it soon.

I obtained my Ph.D. on discrete mathematics on September of 2009, under the supervision of Professor Marc Noy in the context of analytic combinatorics. I have done several short scientific visits in Europe (Prague, Wien, ...) and a longer visiting research at the Discrete Mathematics Group at SFU, in Vancouver. Later, I was a CNRS postdoctoral fellow at LIX (Laboratorie d'Informatique) de l'Ecole Polytechnique in the lovely city of Paris, under the supervision of Gilles Schaeffer. I was supported by the ExploreMaps project. (ERC project), and in 2011 a guest in the team of Combinatorial modelisation of LIX (Laboratorie d'Informatique) de l'Ecole Polytechnique, and the team of Combinatoire of LIAFA. Later, from 2010 up to 2013 I have been a CSIC JAE-DOC postdoctoral fellow at ICMAT, in Madrid, under the supervision of Javier Cilleruelo. I have also been a teaching collaborator of the department of Mathematics of UAM.

Finally, before moving to Barcelona, I was a Juniorprofessor (Professor-W1) in Discrete Mathematics at the Department of Mathematics and Informatics (Combinatorics and Graph Theory Group) at Freie Universität Berlin, faculty member of the Berlin Mathematical School, and a junior faculty member of the DFG training network Methods for Discrete Structures. All this activity was done in the vibrant city of Berlin.

(Some) Past Activities Organized

EUROCOMB 2021, UPC Barcelona (September 2021)
2nd GAPCOMB Workshop, Montserrat, Catalunya (July 2021)

CIRM - Summer School on Random Trees and Graphs , CIRM, Marseille (June 2019)

The music of numbers, a conference in honour of Javier Cilleruelo, ICMAT, Madrid (September 2017)

BGSMath Monthly Program 'Random Discrete Structures and Beyond', Barcelona (May -June 2017)

Symposium Diskrete Mathematik FU Berlin (July 2016)

Barcelona Discrete Mathematics Days, Barcelona (July 2016)

Berlin-Poznan-Hamburg Seminar, FU Berlin (May 2015)

3-week BlockCourse: towards the Polynomial Freiman-Ruzsa Conjecture, FU Berlin (October 2014) Some photos

Clay Mathematical Summer School 2014: Periods and Motives, ICMAT, Madrid (July 2014)

Workshop Recent trends in Algebraic and Geometric Combinatorics, ICMAT, Madrid (November 2013)

Young Workshop in Arithmetics and Combinatorics, ICMAT, Madrid (June 2011)

My books El arte de contar: Combinatoria y enumeración, Los números trascendentes and Ramanujan: La mente que quiso entender el infinito (also in French! See here and here) and Erdös: El impulsor de las matemática de la colaboración are available (also in French and Italian)!!!