My conference schedule for 2020

April-May, Oversea Distinguished Scholar Lectureship at Hénan's University

July 5 - 11 July 2020  Invited Speaker at 8th European Congress of Mathematics, 8ECM, Portoroz, Slovenia

13-17 July 2020- Poisson 2020 in University of Napoli, Italy

20-24 July 2020- Speaker at RatiuFest2020 at EPFL, Lausanne

My conference schedule for 2019

January 23-24, Trobada GEOMVAP a Cardona.

January 30-31 speaker at Geometry and Topology retreat in Málaga.

February 4-8, plenary speaker at Congreso Bienal RSME-Santander.

April 8-12, speaker at Symplectic Dynamics at Lorenz Center, Leiden.

April 25, "Potencia tu Talento #STEM"#steMatEsElla

May 7-11 speaker, FDIS 2019 in Shanghai

May 21, pint of Science, Cafe Bacanal Barcelona spoiler here.

June 1st- Trivulgando, Madrid.

June 26-29, visiting Reshetikhin in Amsterdam

July 8-10 lecturer at the 13th International ICMAT Summer School on Geometry, Mechanics and Control

July, 15-19 speaker at workshop on Quantization in Cologne.

September 25-27- Women in Geometry and Topology at CRM-Barcelona.

September, October and December 2019, Invited professor at ICMAT during the research program Current trends in geometric methods in natural sciences

My conference schedule for 2018

Jan-Feb 2018- Chaire d'Excellence of the FMPS at CEREMADE, Observatoire de Paris and IMJ.

Jan 15-18, Geometry and Dynamics in Interaction, a closing conference for the Chaire d'Excellence Eva Miranda, Observatoire de Paris.


Jan 25-27,Speaker at the wokshop Dynamics and integrability of nonholonomic and other non-Hamiltonian systems in Padova
Feb 6-Feb 16- Visiting Victor Guillemin and Jonathan Weitsman at MIT
March, Speaker at IbortFest

April 8-13- Speaker at the Workshop  "Geometric aspects of momentum maps and integrability" at the CSF Ascona/Switzerland


April 15-20-Workshop 18w5182, Workshop on Geometric Quantization, BIRS, Canada


April 21-22-Speaker at the Special Session Facets of Symplectic Geometry and Topology at the AMS meeting in Boston


July- Speaker at Poisson 2018 at the Fields institute in Toronto.

      July Visiting Professor at the Fields Institute in Toronto.

August 16-17, Speaker at Connections for Women: Hamiltonian Systems, from topology to applications through analysis, MSRI


10--14 September 2018, Speaker at the Indam Workshop Poisson Geometry and Higher Structures, in Rome.


October 8-12, CIRM, International Workshop on Geometric Quantization and Applications

October 19-20- CRM-Barcelona, Speaker at XV Encuentro de Topología.

     November 1-30, MSRI, Research member associated to the Program Hamiltonian systems, from topology to applications through analysis
November 28- MSRI, Speaker at the workshop
Hamiltonian systems, from topology to applications through analysis II



My conference schedule for 2017

January 18-19, Visiting Montpellier and talk at Séminaire Topologies on the 19.


January 20, Thesis defense of Yasmine Fittouhi in Poitiers.


February 2-5, Geometric Dynamical Days in Bochum


April 16-21, BIRS Workshop 17w5023 Geometric Structures on Lie Groupoids


June 12-16, Plenary speaker at "Women in Geometry and Topology", ETHZ Zurich


June 17-22, Speaker at joint RSME-SMM meeting.


June 26 June 26- June 30,  JISD 2017.   


July  3-7 FDIS2017, CRM Barcelona (more information to come)


August 21-25- Plenary speaker at the PADGE 2017 conference, Leuven, Belgium


September 2017-February 2018, Chaire d'Excellence of the Fondation des Sciences Mathématiques de Paris at CEREMADE (Paris-Dauphine), Observatoire de Paris and IMJ (P6-P7).


September 6-8 Speaker at Workshop on Symplectic Foliations


September 25-27 Speaker at Jounées ASD Classical Integrable Systems and Perturbations


October 5-7 Speaker at Journées de Dynamique, P6/P7 Paris

My conference schedule for 2016

June 13-17 Speaker at Symplectic Techniques in Hamiltonian Dynamics, ICMAT-Madrid.

June- Speaker at Integrable Systems, Ascona.

August 17-19- Speaker at the Workshop on Celestial Mechanics and Symplectic Geometry.

September- Speaker at XXV International Fall Workshop on Geometry and Physics

September  15-16- Speaker at the General Mathematical Seminar at Luxembourg University.

September 23-25- Speaker at CSASC

September 28-29- Visit at Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu.

November 14-20- Visiting  Jussieu and Orsay and b-talks at Séminaire de Géométrie Hamiltonienne at P6 , at the Séminaire de Géométrie Topologie et Dynamique and at the Symplectic and Contact Topology Seminar Nantes-Orsay.

December 1-7- Visiting Victor Guillemin and Jonathan Weitsman at MIT. Talk at the Geometry seminar on the 5.

December 14-16- Visiting Andreas Knauf in Erlangen and talk at AG Mathematische Physik Seminar on the 15.

December 20- GESTA itinerante in Barcelona. Speakers:  Jacques Féjoz, Chiara Esposito and Francisco Presas.

December 21- Barcelona, Thesis defense of Anna Kiesenhofer.

My conference schedule for 2015

June 10-13- AMS-EMS-SMP International Meeting, invited speaker at the session on Symplectic and Contact Topology.

June 15-19- Invited speaker at the Workshop,Lorentz Center workshop Dynamics and Geometry.

12-17 July- Plenary speaker at FDIS2015, Bedlewo, Poland

27- 31 July 2015- Speaker at IGA/AMSI workshop on Geometric Quantisation in Adelaide.

December 2015- First Joint meeting Brazil-Spain,  Fortaleza, Brazil.

My conference schedule for 2014

February-March 2014- Visiting researcher at ICMAT-Viktor Ginzburg Laboratory and Institut Mathématique de Toulouse (March 13, talk at Ithe ICMAT Geometry Seminar).

February 10, Exposé Symmétries des variétés symplectiques à singularités  à l'Université de Genève.

April 1-3, Speaker BBQ 2014 Workshop in Brussels (BBQ here stands for Belgian Brackets and Quantization)

April 4, Speaker at the Seminar on Dynamical Systems at IMT, Toulouse

April 11,  visit and talk at Humboldt University in Berlin.

April 2014- Visiting Professor at MIT

May 2014- Prof invité at Université de Paris 7 and Observatoire de Paris

June 2014-  Visiting researcher at ICMAT-Viktor Ginzburg Laboratory. Speaker at GESTA 2014

July 2014: Invited speaker at a special session on at AIMS 2014, ICMAT, Madrid.

July 28-August 4-Invited lecturer at the Poisson 2014 Summer School, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois.

September 1-5- Geometry and Dynamics of Foliations ICMAT-Madrid.

November- Invited speaker at BMD2014 (session on Geometric Structures in Interaction).

December-11-12, Speaker at Journées Intégrabilité MIRES at XLIM, Limoges.

My conference schedule for 2013

12 February- Normal forms Day in  Utrecht- A special meeting in Normal Forms after the thesis defense of Ionut Marcut's.

March 16-20- Invited speaker at the conference "Geometric Quantization and Reduction 2013" in Erlangen.

June 3-7- Organizer of GESTA 2013 in Toulouse.

15-19 July: Plenary speaker at the conference on Finite Dimensional Integrable systems at CIRM, Marseille

22-26 July- Plenary speaker at the Conferenc in honour of Alan Weinstein, EPFL, Bernouilli Center.

16-20 September- Sevilla, Plenary speaker at Congreso de Jóvenes Investigadores de la Real Sociedad Matemática Española

September-November: Programme Coordinator of  the Research Programme at CRM-Barcelona: Geometry and Dynamics of Integrable Systems.

December 9-13- Invited speaker at Focused research workshop on exterior differential systems and Lie theory, Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada.

My conference schedule for 2012

January 26-30: Visiting  Ryszard Nest  at the matematics department at Copenhagen University: Chiara Exposito's thesis committee.

February 2-4: I am co-organizing the CAST conference in Madrid.

February 6, The Geometry seminar at ICMAT.

February 8: Speaker at Thematic day on  Poisson Geometry and Applications (Zaragoza).

February 24,: Speaker at the Topology and Geometry Day at the University of Utrecht.

May 25-June 2: Visiting Victor Guillemin and Ana Rita Pires at MIT.

June 24-July 1st- Speaker at Foliations 2012 in Lodz, Poland.

July 2nd- July 5th- Attending 6ECM in Krakow, also speaker at the STS in Integrable Systems.

September 3-7: Invited speaker at Third Iberoamerican Meeting on Geometry, Mechanics and Control, Salamanca.

November 12-16- Invited speaker at Workshop "Integrability in Dynamical Systems and Control" in Rouen, France.

What are my plans for 2011?

January- 2011 Toulouse, Séjour d'un mois et séminaire d'equations différentielles.

February, 3. 2011- Poitiers, Seminaire GAG

February- 14-19 2011 - MFO Oberwolfach, Geometric Quantization in the non-compact setting.

March, 18, HIS III in Barcelona.

April 18-22, 2011- GEDYTO: Geometrical Methods in Dynamics and Topology, Hanoi, Vietnam.

April 27,2011- Seminar at Théorie Ergodique et systèmes dymamiques, LAGA, Paris XIII

June 27- July 01- GESTA2011 in Castro Urdiales.

July 26-July 27- Speaker at FDIS2011, Finite Dimensional Integrable Systems in Geometry and Mathematical Physics 2011 in Jena, Germany

July 28-July 29- Speaker at Modern approaches to dynamical integrability in Portsmouth, UK

September 25-28: Speaker at the CSASC 2011 conference,  Minisymposia "Geometry, Analysis and Mathematical Physics"  in Krems.

October 7-9: Speaker at the EMS-RSME mathematical weekend, Bilbao.

What are my plans for 2010?

Jan 2010(21-24), Joint Mathematical Conference CSASC 2010,  Prague, 2010.

Jan 2010 (25)   Seminaire de geometrie Symplectique et applications,   IRMA, Strasbourg.

Feb 2010 (1-5)- Visiting Fran Presas at UCM, Madrid and talk on February 4th.

Feb 2010 (8-14)- Visiting Rui Loja Fernandes at IST, Lisbon. Seminar on the 9h. Geometria em Lisboa.

Feb 2010(24)- Talk at the Dynamical System Seminar UB-UPC.

March 2010(5)-Talk at the seminar in Algebraic Geometry UB-UPC.

March 2010- GESTA itinerante BCN-MAD on the 16h.

April 4-11-Visiting Victor Guillemin and Ana Rita Pires at MIT. Ph.D thesis of Ana Rita on the 6th.

May 6, Talk the the "Advanced course on Foliations" at CRM-Barcelona.

June 7- 9- Clay's Conference at IHP, Paris.

June 10- June 13- GESTA conference in Lisbon.

June 15, HIS: Hamiltonian Intensive Seminar, in Barcelona.

July 2010-  Main speaker at the conference Poisson 2010.

October 2010, 28- Talk at IEMAE "Escher i les arquitectures impossibles"

November 19- Speaker at "Geometry, Physics and Symmetries " in Complutense de Madrid.

November 26- GESTA itinerante in Barcelona.

December 3- HIS in Barcelona.

December 10- Limoges, thesis of Ainhoa Aparicio.

December 15-17- Milaono- Visiting Giuseppe Gaetta in Milano. Talk at their Seminar.

What are my plans for 2009?

January 11-January 25-MCF invitee au Laboratoire emile Picard.

January 16- Talk at the seminar "equations differentielles", Toulouse.

February 2-8- Universidad de Salamanca con Carlos Tejero.

February 19- Talk at the Geometry Seminar at UAB.

March 2- Talk at the "Seminar on Symplectic and Contact Geometry", Bruxelles.

March 28-April 4- Visiting V. Guillemin at M.I.T.

May 26- Madrid, Speaker at BCN-MAD joint seminar in symplectic Geometry.

May- "Tour de France".

June 28-July 4- Visiting Fran Presas at UCM-Madrid. Talk at the seminar in Geometry and Physics.

July 10, Toulouse, Thesis defense of Iman Alamiddine.

July 13-July 31- Research stay of Mark Hamilton.

August 3-7- Speaker at  Workshop on Conservative dynamics and Symplectic Geometry,  IMPA, Río de Janeiro.

September 1st-Moving to Matemàtica Aplicada I, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

September 13-19- GESTA 2009 (Sols' fest).

December 7-12, Conference in the memory of Paulette Libermann, IHP, Paris.

December 13- December 18- Research stay with Victor Guillemin and Ana Rita Pires in Paris.

When? Where? Why? in 2008:

January, Mathematical Physics and Geometric Analysis, Toronto.

February-Oberwolfach visiting Mark Hamilton in the framework Leibnitz Fellows (17-29)

March-MIT- March 2008 (07-19 visiting Victor Guillemin, Seminar on the 10th)

April-GESTA mad-bcn- April 1st talk "Cuantización Geomètrica con singularidades"

May- GESTA Barcelona.

April-July- Barcelona-Special Programme on Equivariant Problems in Symplectic Geometry.

June 13, Speaker at  the CRM thematic day  "New trends in Poisson Geometry".

June 16- June 21- GAP VI in Barcelona.

June 25- June 28- Conference Moment Maps in Barcelona.

July 07-July 12- Conference Poisson 2008.

July 27- August 2- MFO Oberwolfach, visiting Mark Hamilton in the framework of Leibniz fellow.

August - Lausanne 4--8,  Speaker at Conference on Moment Maps

September 17- September 20- Speaker at rencontre Painleve in Paris.

September 16- October 15- Visiting  Institut de Mecanique Celeste et de Calcul des ephemerides and Jussieu in Paris.

October, 8-10-  Speaker at Workshop on Transverse Poisson structures and singularities.

October 20-21-  Speaker at Seminario de geometria simplectica y de contacto, CSIC-Madrid.

November 6- November 8- Speaker at the workshop "Higher Symmetries in Physics",  Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

November 21- séminaire "gèmetries", Lyon.

November 17-November 30- MCF invitee au Laboratoire emile Picard.

When? Where? Why? in 2007:

    Janvier, 9- sèminaire a Observatoire de Paris
    Janvier, 10-Seminarie a Jussieu, Paris
    Janvier 11-20- Higher Structures in Geometry and Physics, IHP, Paris
    Janvier 21-28- Universite de Poitiers
    Mars 2-3- Weekenoïd gèmetrie de Poisson
    Mars 26-30- Conference Cushman, Utrecht
    Avril 17-19- sèminaire a UMPA, ENS, Lyon.
    Avril 29- Mai 5- MFO, Oberwolfach, Poisson Geometry and its applications
    Mai 5- May 15- University of Toronto
    June 1st- Back HOME!!
    August, 06-13- Research Stay at ESI Vienna, Programme `Poisson sigma models, Lie algebroids,
    deformations, and higher analogues''.
    August 19-25-Conference Duistermaat, Utrecht.
    September 04-14- Lisboa, Workshop on Geometry and Physics and Special Day on  Mechanics and Lie algebroids.
    October 10-17,  Research stay with Jean-Pierre Marco, Institut de Mathematiques de Jussieu. and talk at the seminar "gèmetrie et Mecanique".
    December, 18-20, Minicourse  "Coordenadas Acci&on-ángulo y aplicaciones" at "Tercer encuentro de j&ovenes de la Red geometria, Mecánica y Control", CSIC, Madrid.


Poem in the background of this webpage (picture of Davis Square T-stop in Boston, poem by  E.J. Graff)


Blackbird Fly

As I leave the spit-gray factory
crowds of black birds drift
up into the cumulus
like released balloons.

I hold the wings of my fingertips
in my coat pocket.

E.J. Graff