Conferences and seminars (I organized some of them):


Poisson 2010

HIS (HIS stands here for Hamiltonian Intensive Seminar)

Seminari Teen de Geometria

Colloque Paulette Libermann

Seminario Geometría Simpléctica y de Contacto, Mad-BCN.

Higher Symmetries in Physics.

Seminar on Symplectic and Poisson Geometry

Research Programme, CRM, BarcelonaJanuary 2008- July 2008: Geometric flows and equivariant problems in Symplectic Geometry.

 GESTA 2008, May 14--16 2008

GAP VI, Geometry and Physics VI, a joint workshop CIM-CRM, June 16-21, 2008.

Conference on Moment Maps,  June 25-28, 2008.

Geometry of Integrable Systems, Hanoi, 9-13 April 2007.

Weeken(oďd) Géométrie de Poisson, Toulouse, 2-3 March, 2007.

Higher Structures in Geometry and Physics, Paris 15-19, January, 2007.

VII Workshop on Symplectic and Contact Topology, GESTA 2006

Poisson 2006

Seminari "flot de Ricci"

CRM Barcelona

Séminaires Émile Picard